How Often Do The Scars From An Otoplasty Need To Have Scar Revision?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in getting an otoplasty but am concerned about how will the scars on the back of my ear look after surgery. I almost always wear my hair pulled behind my ears. I worry that my friends and others will be able to notice the scars from having my ears pinned back. How often do otoplasty scars need scar revision. Will laser resurfacing of the scars help if they look bad and how long after surgery can I have it done?

A: While I understand your concern about the scars on the back of the ears, it is not an issue that I have ever heard a patient who has had otoplasty have. Besides the fact that the scars on the back of ear heal really well, there are also essentially invisible because the ear is folded back obscuring the back of the ear skin completely. If you look at back of the head views of otoplasty patients, you will see that the outer helix of the ear hides most of the skin on the postauricular surface. I think your concern about poor or visible otoplasty scars should not be a significant one. Of all the otoplasties that I have ever performed, I have never done a scar revision on them.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana