How Much Smaller Can I Be With A Breast Reduction?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have been thinking about getting a breast procedure since I was 13. I have 34DD and I’m 5’1 ½. I’m very self conscious about them but my boyfriend thinks they are fine but I do not. They are too big and saggy (gross) I just hate them! If I got a breast reduction how much smaller would my breast’s be and would you recommend having implants put in?

A:  Breast reduction surgery not only reduces the size of one’s breast but also incorporates a lift of the breasts as well. There would be no reason to place implants during a breast reduction, that would partially defeat the purpose of the procedure. The amount of breast reduction that can be achieved in the procedure is different for each patient. There is great variability in how much breast tissue would be removed and takes into account how much or little breast tissue one wants to remove. One could easily go from a saggy DD breasts to an uplifted and more perky full C cup. It is important to remember that the trade-off for that amount of breast shape improvement are permanent scars. You are trading off one breast problem for another, just be sure the scar issue is less of a concern than the way your breasts look now.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana