How Much Skull Reduction Can Be Done From The Top Of The Head Down To The Eyebrows?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Is it possible to reduce the length of the head from the top to the eyebrows? If so, how many centimeters? I would very much like to know about the possibility of having the skull get the shape more equalized, because respectively from the front to the middle of my head, it starts with a smaller width, but the width increases considerably from half of the head forward, until back of the head. The same kind of shape also occurs with my head´s length, start smaller, and going to the back of the head it is bigger, I mean, it looks like a climb. So, is it possible to reduce both, width and length? Make larger parts equal smaller ones? 

A: In answer to your skull reduction questions:

1) Some modest superior skull reduction can be done as seen in the attached prediction image. This is an amount of 5 to 7mms, not centimeters.

2) The same modest reduction can be achieved in the head width as seen in the attached image.

3) As in height and width similar modest amounts of length reduction can also be done as in the attached image.

As stated in our virtual consultation the question is not whether overall skull reduction can be done but whether the overall modest changes are worth the effort. The attached imaging helps provide some visual information for you to make that decision.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana