How Much Reduction In My Wide Head Can Be Achieved?

Q: Dr. Eppley, the picture I provided I was wondering how likely can you reduced the width of the head like that I basically have the same wide head that this guy have ? Thank you was very interesting in reducing my width drastically.

A:I don’t know if the picture you are showing is an actual before and after result or just an imaged one. But with temporal reduction surgery that is probably close to what I predict will actually happen. However when it comes to any elective aesthetic surgery the trigger for surgery should not be the best result one could hope for….as that result may not happen. Rather it should be the minimal result one can expect…as that is what is most assuredly will happen. Thus the question then becomes of you got half of that result would you still have the surgery?

Dr. Barry Eppley
World-Renowned Plastic Surgeon