How Much Of A Difference Can Adam’s Apple Reduction Make?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I would like to have the adam’s apple reduction procedure. I am a natural man and I don’t like the size of my adam’s apple. It is very big but I have doubts whether I should do or not do the surgery. I have researched photos of men who have this surgery but I found a few pictures and a few angles but some of the results didn’t seem good. What has been your experience with adam’s apple reduction surgery and how good are the results?

A: I have performed many adam’s apple reductions and about half of them are for men who just have a very prominent thyroid cartilage that is more than just a neck bump. The amount of visible reduction, however,  can be variable based on the anatomy of the thyroid cartilage, the thickness of the tissues overlying it and the aggressiveness and experience of the surgeon doing it. I suspect for most men who just want less of a neck bump size, rather than a completely flat neck profile, that the results are very satisfactory. It certainly can be difficult in some patients to get complete elimination of it but that it is not usually the goal of men looking to make a big adam’s apple prominence smaller.  I would suggest that you send me some pictures of your neck, particularly from the side, for my assessment to see if this procedure would be worthwhile for you in terms of the amount of reduction that could be achieved.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana