How Much Injectable Filler Does It Take To Equal A Paranasal Implant?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I was looking through your site and I think I’ve figured out that I would benefit from paranasal implants. I’m confused as to what type of paranasal implant I might need, and how far it should go up the piriform aperture, and what shape it would be. I will send you a picture of me compared to a pic of what I think would be a properly filled out paranasal area. Also, I wanted to ask you about paranasal filler. Before I commit to a full implant, I would like to test filler to see if I like the result. I would like your input on how much filler I would need to approximate the result of the implant. I don’t mind using lots and lots of filler, as it would just be a one-off before I get the implant. 


A: There are volumetric comparisons that can be made between injectable fillers and facial implants. To make such correlations the exact shape and size of the paranasal implant is needed. Since we do not know your exact implant needs yet I would have to use standard paranasal implants as the basis. (which may or may not apply to you) In that case it would be approximately 1.8cc to 2.2cc filler per side.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana