How Much Filler Is Needed For My Forehead Augmentation?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in improving the shape of my forehead. It slants backward rather significantly and I would like it to be more vertical as it goes upward from my brows into my hairline. Can this be done with Kryptonite foreheasd augmentation? How much filler would be needed and what would be the cost?

A: I have done a side view imaging prediction to show that forehead augmentation can make a real difference in eliminating the backwards slope of your forehead by incrementally increasing adding volume from above the brows to the top of the skull. While there is no question this procedure can be done very effectively and get your desired aesthetic result, there are several important issues about the technique to do it. While an injectable or endoscopic Kryptonite procedure is very desireable due to its minimal scar approach, this would not be the best method to do it for several reasons. The volume of material needed is likely 40 grams or more to add the necessary amount of augmentation. That makes the use of Kryptonite prohibitively expensive, making the cost of the material alone for the procedure in excess of $12,000. When it comes to this volume of material needed for forehead augmentation, acrylic or PMMA is far more cost effective with a material cost that is about 1/10 that of Kryptonite. Secondly, and of equal importance, is that a smooth contour of the forehead augmentation is absolutely essential. It is often assumed that the thickness of the forehead and scalp tissues makes slight asymmetries or unevenness aesthetically tolerable, but this is only true when the augmentation is in the hair-bearing scalp. On the forehead, every irregularity will eventually be seen and most certainly felt when the swelling goes down and the overlying tissues adapt to the new forehead contour. With the current use if injectable Kryptonite, it is not possible to get as smooth of a result as that with an open PMMA frontal cranioplasty or forehead augmentation.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana