How Much Fat Will Survive After A Brazilian Butt Lift?

Q:  Dr. Eppley, I have a very flat butt and have been researching buttock augmentation with fat transfer. (aka the Brazilian Butt Lift) I have a good amount of fat to take from my stomach area so I think I am a good candidate for the procedure. I know that not all fat survives after it is injected, so how does one compensate for that problem? What are realistic expectations for how much fat will survive? How does one know how much fat to transfer in a buttock augmentation surgery? How much fat can I expect to retain with my new butt and will it be permanent?

A: While fat grafting is very popular and can be highly successful, it is far from an exact science.  There are so many unknown variables in doing it that no one can predict with any accuracy how much fat will or will not survive afterwards. Every patient and their fat is somewhat different leading to a wide variety of results. What we do know about fat grafting is that it is very safe and many people have more than enough to donate. What I have observed about fat injections into the  buttocks (aka Brazilian Butt Lift) is that it often will produce less of an effect than many patients want. This is because of the combination of unrealistic buttock size expectations for some and the variable retention of the injected fat. As a general rule, I inject as much fat as possible (between 300 to 500cc per buttock) and judge the final outcome at three month after surgery. There is never a fear that the result will be too big. The real question is whether it will be big enough.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana