How Much Does It Cost To Fix Gauged Ears?

Q : We have a potential new hire for our company that has about a ¾ inch insert gauged in both ears.  This person regrets having this done and wants to abide by company requirements and have them removed.  How is this done and what does the earlobe look like afterwards. Also, what would the potential cost be to have both earlobes repaired?

A: Gauging of the earlobes creates a central hole surrounded by a thinned out or thin ring of earlobe skin. The size of the gauge determines how thin the ring of earlobe skin is. As long as the gauge is not too big (greater than one inch), the expanded earlobe can be put back together and have about the same size as it was before having the insert. When the insert becomes much bigger, it not only stretches out the earlobe but the tissue becomes much thinner as well. (pressure atrophy) When put back together, the final size of the earlobe will likely be smaller than before.

Earlobe reconstruction is done by cutting out the skin along the central hole, including some of the rim, and putting it back together in the shape of a more normal earlobe.

Like the split earlobe deformity, reconstruction of the gauged earlobe can be done under local anesthesia. This can usually be done in the office which saves a lot of expense when the cost of an operating room and anesthesia is not used. The typical cost of such earlobe surgery is in the range of $750 to $1,000 per ear.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana