How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Cheekbone Fracture?

Q: Dr.Eppley, my fiance was hit in his face with a softball. We went to the doctor and the doctor told us that a part of it had shattered and recommended us to see a specialist. Approximately how much will his cheekbone surgery be? He doesn’t have a job, or any insurance. It is only I with an income and I’m supporting a family of five will that take part in paying for it?

A:  It would be impossible for me to say exactly what needs to be done with your fiance’s facial bone fracture. I am assuming, having seen a lot of ball injuries to the face, that it is a cheekbone fracture that may or may not involve the orbital floor. Some types of cheek bone fractures can be repaired simply through a single intraoral incision. If the orbital floor is significantly displaced, the fracture is more complex and would require a combined intraoral and a lower eyelid incision. Because of these differences, it is difficult to provide an accurate cost estimate. I would need to see some x-rays of his facial fracture to provide a good estimate.  

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana