How Much Can A Sliding Genioplasty Lengthen The Chin?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am debating on a sliding genioplasty vs silicone implant for chin augmentation.. I know that up to 10mms in vertical length can be achieved by a genioplasty, as well as width changes through hydroxyapatite blocks. I would like to get your personal opinion on this. For a male, what would be a normal range of chin length from lowest part of the bottom lip to the end of the chin? What length would the chin need to be for a male in order to warrant a lengthening genioplasty or to declare it unnecessary? I want to add as much size to my face as possible, length and width wise.

A: For chin augmentation, both a sliding genioplasty and an implant can be used to create vertical length for a more profound or dominant chin. However, there is no standard or normal range for how vertically long one’s chin should be. It is more of a ratio to the other vertical facial thirds and how dominant one prefers their lower third of the face. As a general rule in my experience, few patients need the vertical length of the chin increased by as much as 10mm. That would be too long for even many men, particularly when other dimensions of the chin are being added as well.

While a sliding genioplasty is traditionally perceived as being the only method to vertically lengthen the chin, custom designed implants can also be used today.  However they may not do it equally well. Because of the limits of the bone cuts of a sliding genioplasty, significant vertical lengthening may look ‘unusual‘ as only the chin of the jawline drops down. In contrast,  custom designed implant can vertically lengthen a larger portion or the entire jawline for a more natural blending of the vertical lengthening.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana