How Much Bruising And Swelling Will I Have After My Suprapubic Liposuction?

Q: I underwent suprapubic liposuction one week ago. I was surprised and concerned about how much swelling and bruising I have on my penis, scrotum and inner thighs. There is also a lump at the base of my penis which makes it look shorter than before the surgery. Will this go away and will my penis now be deformed? Will look a long when the swelling and bruising goes away as it did before? Is what I am seeing normal or am I understandably freaking out about what I am seeing? How long will it be before it looks normal again? Will I still be able to get an erection?

A: What you are experiencing is absolutely normal after suprapubic liposuction. Either you have forgotten all therse details of how things will look after for a period of time or you were never properly educated before the procedure. What I tell all males that receive liposuction in the pubic area is that they will have a tremendous amount of bruising and swelling of the penile shaft and scrotum afterwards…usually shockingly so. This will be striking to the man that has not seen it before but normal from my standpoint. When you see your scotum twice as large than normal and bruising at the base of your penis, you will freak out…unless you know that this is completyely normal. Gravity and the scotal pouch drives most bruising and swelling south. It may get so swollen that the penis may become almost completely buried.This will take about 3 weeks to completely go away. From an erection standpoint, it will work just fine as liposuction does not damage (nor is close to) any of the nerves that are responsible for this important function.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana