How Much Bigger Should My New Breast Implants Be?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had breast augmentation six months ago and I feel that my implants are way too small. (I got Mentor 275cc silicone moderate plus gel implants placed under the muscle) I thought they were too small from the beginning but my surgeon said I would get used to them and come to feel that they were just the right size. I never have and I wear the same bra size as before surgery. When can I get new implants and what size implant should I get?

A: While some women come to accept the size of their breast implants, whether they are a bit too small or too big, they do not if the size is way off from what they expected. You have given it enough time after your initial surgery to try and accommodate to them and it is obvious that you can not. You can have replacement surgery at any time at this point. The implant size you should have based on your desires is based on information that I do not have such as breast base diameter, what your chest and body looks like and the ‘look’ of your breasts that you visually desire. But when changing out implants for a breast augmentation revision to go to a bigger size, there is one rule that I have learned. Make sure that the new implant volume is at least 30% or more from what you have now. Otherwise it will not create enough of an external visible difference. This means in your case of at least 100cc or 375cc to 400cc implants.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana