How Many Millimeters Were Done On My Chin Implant Imaging?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Could you ask Dr. Eppley how many millimeters is added to the chin on the first set of images and the second set of images? And how many millimeters you think is perfect in my case?  I just want an idea.  I feel better with the second set of images.

And whether the silicone he plans for me is the extended anatomical silicone that goes up my jaws or without wings.

During the consultation he said it’d be a v-shape silicone that he’d have to shave it into.. too much to ask but would he happen to have a picture of someone he did the same to?

I know you secure your chin implant onto the chin bone with a metal screw.  If I ever need to do an MRI for whatever reasons, will that metal screw be a problem?

A: In answer to your chin implant questions;

1) Computer imaging is not really done by known millimeter increments. It is done by general ranges of changes. For example, the first set of imaging was probably in the 6 to 8mm range while the second imaging was in the 4 to 6mm range.

2) The perfect amount of advancement is the one that you like the best….which is why two different types were provided.

3) Most women do not like chin implants with extended wings because it makes their chin look wider from the front view. This is why for most women, unless they specifically request a wider chin, I use the anatomic style chin implants.

4) All anatomic chin implants are a bit round by today’s female desires so I usually reshape that into more of a V-shape.

5) Any screws used are made of titanium, a non-ferromagnetic metal. So it has no interference with MRI studies.

Dr. Eppley

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana