How Many Millimeters Can Be Removed In A Subnasal Lip Lift?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’d like to ask some short questions about subnasal lip lifts and corner of mouth lifts if that’s ok – as these are relatively rare!

1. How many mm might we take off above the lip?

2. How many mm might we take off above the lip corners?

3. How many mm might we take off to the sides?

4. How many mm might my lips widen from the corner lift?

5. Can we do a corner lift without adjusting muscles (as I sing this is a concern)?

6. There will still be vermilion in the corners?

7, How often do you perform these surgeries?

8. Do you have any additional photos to send?

I very much do appreciate! 

A: In answer to your lip surgery questions:

1) A a general rule one should never advance the upper ore than 1/4 to 1/3 of the total upper lip philtral length.

2) In corner of mouths lifts the usual amount of tissue excised is 5 to 7mms.

3) I assume when you say sides you means the sides of the upper lip which are done as a gradual taper tp the corners from the central li[p advancement area.

4) A corner of the mouth lift will usually widen the mouth as a result by 2 to 3mmw.

5) A wedge of orbicularis muscle always needs to be done with a corner of the mouth lift to help the result. There is no adverse functional issues with doing so.

6) By definition my technique in corner of the mouth lifts (the Pennant method) is a vermilion advancement so there is always vermilion in the corners afterwards.

7) I perform many types of lip surgeries such as these on a very regular basis.

8) To acquire further technical and pictorial information I would refer you to the website, and you place in the search box the terms of lip advancements and corner of mouth lifts where you will find lots of information I have written on these aesthetic lip surgery topics.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana