How Long Will A Traditional Breast Lift Last?

Q: Dr. Eppley, First, do you have a web site I can look at?  And second, knowing you do not have a crystal ball, how long can the average person anticipate a traditional breast lift to last? Thank you.

A: All breast lift results ‘last’ but it is important to realize that they will change or settle over time during the first six months after surgery. This is known as tissue relaxation as seen by changes in the lower pole of the breast. Since the skin has to support the uplifted breast tissue, some stretching or relaxation of the bottom part of the breast will occur in most patients. This is why it is important that the way the operation is done has the breast initially looking a little ‘upside down’. (the top part of the breast looks too full, the bottom part of the breast looks cut off or too short) This factors in the settling that will occur in the first few months after surgery as the mound drops and more round or tear drop breast shape results. In essence, one has to heal into the proper breast shape. But once a breast lift is healed and settled (3 to 6 months after surgery), there should be no major changes thereafter. The nipple position always stays in the new uplifted position, it is just that the breast mound settles around it.

I make these statements assuming that one does not get pregnant after a breast lift, gain or lose a lot of weight, or is having implants placed at the same time as a breast lift. Any of these can modify the aforementioned commentary on the stability of breast lift results.

You may go to my website, for more information and patient results on breast lifts.

Dr. Barry Eppley