How Long Should I Wait To Do Botox and Laser Hair Removal After Temporal Reduction Surgery?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’m writing today with 3 questions about cheekbone reduction surgery.

1)    How long of a waiting period is there regarding Botox injections pre and post surgery?

2)    How long I should pause laser hair removal treatments on my face pre and post surgery?

3)    After viewing the last image Dr. Eppley created exemplifying

the maximum width reduction that can be done I am happy to

state I do not want to go any more narrow than what is done in

the image. I did however have one concern. I made some marks

ion the attached photo and wrote below articulating this concern.

A: In answer to your cheekbone reduction questions:

1) There really is no waiting period for Botox injections after cheekbone reduction surgery. It can be done as close to one week before or one week after the surgery. These are distinctly different anatomic areas.

2) The same answers applies to laser hair removal.

3) In regards to your question on the imaging, I would not over interpret the changes. There is inaccuracies in contour changes that occurs when pushing tissue borders around with Photoshop. What you are alluding to is the risk of bony  ‘overcorrection’ which has never been a problem in my experience. As it turns out the opposite is actually relevant. The greater risk is actually undercorrection as there are limits as to how much the bone can be permitted to move inward by the volume of temporal muscle sitting next to it.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana