How Long Does It Take To See the Final Results From Jaw Angle Implants?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have been on your website which is quite impressive….I had jaw implants/small chin implant and a little lipo on the neck/jaw area. It’s been 8 weeks exactly and although a major amount of swelling has subsided, it still seems too large and one side is quite noticeably larger than the other…..not symmetrical….my surgeon is a notable surgeon so I have faith in him but just feeling a little down that at 8 weeks I’m still a little looking like a super hero and I’m a relatively small woman with a “small” profile so to speak….also my smile is still effected as my lower lip does not lower to show the same amount of lower teeth….is this all normal…..the swelling, asymmetry and these feelings of despair…..thanks for your advice.

A: All I can say about your present surgical situation is what I have seen in my own practice. If the jaw angle implants are too large at this point in your recovery, particularly for a woman, then they are simply too large for your face/aesthetic desires. If there is jaw angle asymmetry at 8 weeks after surgery, even though some subtle amounts of swelling may still go down, is indicative of asymmetry of the jaw angle implant positions. Jaw angle implants are very difficult to place perfectly symmetric and it is not rare to have a malposition of one which will appear like a ‘lump’ on that side of the jaw angle. Putting these two together would indicate to me that you are headed towards a revision, downsizing the implants and adjusting at least one of their positions. It is not a question of if…but when. Your plastic surgeon will tell you to wait longer because of ‘swelling’ but the final outcome will not change. If the jaw angle implants are silicone then there no harm in waiting as they are easy to remove and replace. If the jaw angle implants are made of Medpor, then sooner is better than later due to tissue ingrowth.

Dr. Barry Eppley