How Long Does It Take To Make A Custom Jawline Implant?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in the customized one-piece jawline enhancement. I live in Sweden and have been talking to a doctor in NY who is using implants made of Medpor instead of silicone for the mandibular angles. Medpor is a material that your body grows into therefore the risk of misplacement or jawline breakdown is reduced. 

1. Is it possible to have the custom implants to be made in Medpor instead? 

2. Could you send me at least 10 before and after pictures of patients who have had jawline enhancement with the custom implants? 

3. I know the custom implants varies in price but could you give an approximate price so that I know how much money that I need to save? 

4. Can I pay 1000 dollars/month? 

5. How soon can I have the surgery done? I would prefer to have it done this month or the next since I have my vacation now. 

6. How long do I need to stay if I want the custom implants? I read from the Q&A that it takes 3 weeks to get the custom implants from the 3D-scan. After surgery I need to stay probably another 2 weeks right? 

7). As I fly in from Sweden, where can I live during my stay and how much will it cost for 5-6 weeks?

A: In answer to your questions about a custom one-piece wrap around jawline implant:

  1. A custom one-piece jaw implant can only be made of silicone not Medpor. Even if it could be made of Medpor, it could never be placed as a single piece. That material is too stiff and would need to be sectioned into three pieces to place it…but even that would not be easy. The ingrowth of tissues into Medpor often poses more problems than it ever solves, particularly if you have to revise, replace or try to remove them. A custom implant does not shift because of its precision fit.
  2. Due to patient confidentiality, we do not distribute patient photos randomly across the internet.
  3. I will have my assistant Camille pass along the cost of custom jawline implants to you tomorrow.
  4. Surgery fess must be all paid in advance not in partial payments after the procedure.
  5. It would take a minimum of three weeks just to have a custom implant fabricated. Thus unless one wants to use a three-piece implant approach with standard implants it can not be done this month.
  6. The 3D CT scan is done in your country and send here to make the implants. You come here one day before the surgery and return home 48 to 72 hours after the procedure.
  7. You only need to be here a few days to have the actual procedure.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana