How Long Does It Take Swelling From A Chin Reduction To Go Down?

Q: I had a chin reduction just about two months ago. I still have not seen any results. If anything I feel  that my chin seems longer then before. I spoke to the doctor about it and addressed my concerns. He said it takes up to 6 months for the final results. If by then I am not happy with it,  he will then try something else. What to you suggest?

A: There is no question that any form of chin surgery takes time for the swelling to go down. In my experience in chin reduction, this is particularly true as swelling will mask a reduction longer than it will an augmentation. (the result from a chin augmentation will be seen immediately, the issue is that it initially looks too big due to the swelling) The initial soft tissue swelling from most forms of chin reduction will make it look longer or bigger initially and this is normal. Generally, however, the results start to become apparent within three to four weeks at most. By six weeks, patients should be able to say that they see a difference if not significantly so. It will take three to six months, however, for the true final result to be appreciated.

One important factor that controls the amount and duration of swelling is what type of chin reduction procedure was performed. There are two different types of chin bone reduction procedures, an osteotomy and a burring or shaving. One is done from inside the mouth (osteotomy) and the other is done from an incision underneath the chin. Knowing which one was done can help determine how long it may take to see the final results from the chin modification.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana