How Long Does It Take For Lip Lift Scars To Look Good?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in a lip lift procedure and I have attached some pictures. I have several questions and concerns about the procedure. Is my columella retracted? Do I have an acute nasalabial angle? I am concerned about visible scarring. I read you use dissolvable sutures for out of town patients. I want to look great for my daughter’s wedding, which is Oct 7 this fall. Can you schedule me soon enough?
I’m in excellent health.

A: In Answers to your questions:

1) Your columella is veryretracted with an acute nasolabial angle.

2) Although most subnasal lip lift scars do very well, scarring is always a risk particularly in patients with pigmented skin. Your retracted nasal base does help with the potential scarring visibility.

3) With less than six weeks before the wedding, I would not advise it to be done that close to an important date. That is about the time a scar, anywhere on the body, will likely be looking its worse long before it has adequately matured. I wouldn’t do this procedure any sooner than three months before an important social event.

Dr. Barry Eppley