How Long Do Hip Implants Last?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I think I’m definitely wanting them done. would you like me to send pictures of my hips? Last questions.. how long do they last, do they need replacing after a certain timeframe? Would they last 10 or 20 years or more? Is there risk of contracture like breast implants? Would they ever shift? If you for whatever reason in the late future you aren’t available anymore, not saying you would but If you did for example.. do you think there would be a way to get custom implants redone with anybody else, say if I was much older and something happened to the implants and I needed them redone.. just thinking about the future as well because they aren’t my own fat this time, they’re implants. But I’m very keen to get it done because the fat transfer has gone away in my hips, and I really want the hourglass shape in my hips. I’m happy with my butt, it’s just the hips I would love to be round and hourglassy. So i think I’ll definitely go ahead with the hip implants if you think I’m a good candidate after you see my hips. 

Thank you 

A: Please send me some pictures of your hips.

Hip implants are made from a solid silicone material so they would never need to be replaced due to implant ‘failure’…since they don’t fail like breast implants can and do.

While custom hip implants may be uncommonly done by few surgeons today, like everything else in life progress continues and what was once uncommon becomes more commonly done.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana