How Is Temporal Reduction (Head Narrowing) Done?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have just visited your website and it gave me some hope. I saw the archive where you response to people’s problems. I thought that I may try to ask you some questions. I attached the photo of my head and as you can see it is not proportional. I really do not like that my head is so wide and the forehead is so high. Could you tell me what kind of surgery operations I need to get my head look better and be smaller certainly. I thought about temporal reduction, cheekbone reduction and maybe lowering the hairline. I think temporal is the worst thing, not only muscle but I feel the bone aboue ears … I would like to know your opinion what can be done and what kind of effect I could expect. The last and probably the most important question is about the price of surgeries you suggest 🙂 I hope you will give me a hope for better future 😉 Thanks in advance!

A: The most improveable feature of your concerns, and the ‘easiest’ is the temporal reduction which narrows the appearance of the transverse width of the head. While it does require some vertical incisions on the side of the head., much of the temporalis muscle can be released with some bone reduction to make for a visible narrowing. (see attached imaging prediction) Hairline lower is not really an option for you unless you have a first stage scalp tissue expander placed to create more scalp tissue top bring forward. Cheekbone reduction can be done through an incision inside the mouth (and the back part of the zygomatic arch moved through the temporal incisions) but the usual inward movement averages about 5 to 6mms at best in most people.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana