How Is Tail Of The Brow Bone Augmentation Done?

Q: Dr. Eppley, My goals are distal brow enhancement, eye socket depth is a little shallow, so eyeballs bulge out a little on distal end of eye socket, so need distal brow augmentation for eye protection during sports, etc.

PD is only 59mm, so cannot add too much jaw width augmentation or will lose aesthetic balance. Cheek augmentation to ameliorate volume loss. Have perio disease under control via perio care, but 33% bone loss in upper & lower jaw. does Dr. think chin needs profile enhancement?

A: Thank you for the clarifications to which I can say:

  1. Tail of the brow bone can be augmented with an implant accessing it through upper eyelid incisions.
  2. In treating volume loss in the cheeks an implant approach must focus on the malar-submalar region.
  3. What matters most in any facial reshapong change is what the patient thinks about the potential change. This is where the role of computer imaging has great value.

Dr. Barry Eppley

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