How Is Sagittal Crest Skull Reduction Done?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I would to inquire about a possible sagittal crest reduction. The top most (crown) part of my skull is slightly raised in comparison to the rest of my skull, and there is a slight dip toward the front of my head which accentuates the crests prominence, giving it a more ‘bump’ or ‘bruise-like’ appearance. 

My questions are: 

1) What are the expected costs associated with this type of procedure?

2) How long am I expected to be in the country should I choose to proceed with this procedure? 

3) How is this procedure actually done? 

I understand this is a lot of questions, although would appreciate a decent answer to each as it is something I am heavily considering following-through with. The severity between the pictures and real life are fairly contrasting, and it may just be that I notice the severity a great deal more than others, although it makes me uncomfortable having it there.

A :In answer to his sagittal crest reduction questions:

1) My assistant Camille will pass along the cost of the surgery to you.

2) You should be able to return in 48 hours after the surgery.

3) Through a small scalp incision at the back end of the sagittal crest the raised bone height is reduced by high speed burring.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana