How Is Male Forehead and Brow Bone Augmentation Done?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I appreciate you doing some computer imaging for my brow bone and forehead augmentation as well as a nasal implant to build up my nose. I have some general questions about these procedures for you

1. Is it possible to choose the exact shape of the augmentation I want? In the example photoshopped photo you sent me, I would prefer to have my forehead augmentation a tad bit less “round” and maintain a bit of a masculine ridge above the brows.

2. I’m wondering how precise can you get with the shape of the augmentation? Is it a matter of injecting the cement under the skin and molding it with your fingers? Or can it be matched to be pretty much what is shown in example photoshopped photos?

3. Regarding building up the nose bridge, how do you avoid the effect of the eyes moving closer toward one another? A bigger nose bridge means the skin on the bridge is pulled forward and therefore pulls on the inner corners of each eye right?

4. Will I have to open up my skull near the hairline in order to access the browbone? Is it possible to go through the nasal openings or perhaps eyelids instead?

5. I keloid very easily… will this be a major problem?

6. Regarding recovery, I’m sure there will be swelling and possibly bruising for a week or so, but how long after that is it noticeable that I’ve had surgery done on my face? If possible, I would like to avoid making it very obvious that I’ve had surgery done, as quickly as possible, without obvious scars.

7. I live far away, would it be ok to board an airline flight soon after the surgery?

A: In answer to your questions:

1) In the male having a brow ridge ‘break’ is important so that is something that I try to do with shaping a male forehead augmentation. By virtue of the way a forehead augmentation is done, the brow ridge break has to be be put by using a handpiece and burr after the material is set.

2) Forehead augmentations have to be done though an open scalp incision under direct vision. There is no method of injecting a cranioplasty material under the skin.

3) I am not aware that nasal bridge augmentation pulls the skin inward at the corners of the eye. That does not occur in a typical nasal bridge augmentation.

4) No as answered in #1 above.

5) Keloids are not a scar phenomenon that I have ever seen in the scalp or the nose.

6) The reality after this surgery is that it will take 2 to 3 weeks to look normal again and can not be done without a scalp scar. Having this type of surgery with ‘one week of recovery and no scar’ is not possible.

7) Most patients return home within 2 to 3 days after surgery by plane.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana