How Is EyeBrow Hair Transplantation Done?

Q: Dr. Eppley,  Could you explain briefly your procedure for eyebrow hair transplantation. Most are done through follicular units containing single hairs at a shaved donation site located in the back of the scalp. I know you can use the fine hairs behind the ear as the donor site. The question is do you shave that area site also?  Or do you transplant the recipient areas with the original length of that donor hair? My eyebrows are very light in density due to chemotherapy (in 2005) and possibly the present medication Fluconazole I am on which I will be taking for a few more months. My eyebrows  will never be the same. If I could just get an idea of about how much it might cost,for about anywhere from 60 to  100 hairs per eyebrow, I’ve been approved by care credit. But I don’t want to waste your time if I don’t have nearly enough to cover the cost. Thanks so much.

A: Eyebrow hair transplantation is unique only because of how the hairs need to be oriented in the brow area. The harvest and placement of the hairs is a standard single follicular unit technique. Where on the scalp the hairs are harvested is a function of how thick they need to be. Whether they are harvested from the back of the scalp or behind the ears is merely a function of the color and thickness of the hair shafts needed. The lighter and thinner the hairs needed, the more likely they would come from behind the ears over the mastoid area. No hairs are shaved for harvest because the shaft must be present to act as a handle for manipulation and insertion. The shaft may be cit very short but not shaved.
The antifungal drug Fluconazole has a well known side effect of hair loss, thus it would be best to not have the procedure before you have discontinued this medication.
The cost of hair transplantation can be done on a per follicle basis or by hair region. Eye brow transplantation is usually charged for by region. 

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana