How Is Adult Plagiocephaly Treated?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have severe plagiocephaly and It is difficult for me to live with it, so I would be very interested in your services. 

But I have a few questions, because this is not a operation that has to be taken lightly. 

So if I understood correctly, to correct the plagiocephaly, you use an implant that you put over the skull. Meaning that you don’t cut, move the bones of the skull, right ? 

So does that mean the technique of the implant over the skull has less risks to fail than the operation where they move the bones of the skull to position them in a bettter way ? 

If it fails what are the consequences? (Brain problems?) 

Other questions, what is the durability of the implant ? Does it last forever ? 

Is it solid ? Will it not move ? 

And how is the implant fixed to the skull ?

A:In response to your adult plagiocephaly surgery questions:

1) You have correctly surmised that in adult plagiocephaly it is treated by an extracranial implant augmentation.

2) Extracranial operations have none of the risks associated with intracranial procedures. They are typical implant-associated risks like any other aesthetic solid face or body implant.

3) Skull implants are solid, do not undergo material degradation, will not move and will last the patient’s entire lifespan without needing adjustments for any of these issues.

4) Skull implants are permanently secured into position by small screws, perfusion holes and an encapsulation process.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana