How Is A Frontal Hairline Setback Performed?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have just seen that you also offer forehead lengthening ? I would also be really interested by that procedure and would have a few questions.

The technique you’re using consists of – I quote : “The most successful treatment of the short forehead is a two-stage approach with a tissue expander placed first followed by a pretrichial browlift approach.”.

May I ask if the pretrichial browlift will change something to the brows/eyes ? As I would like to have my forehead lengthened but not my brows/eyes changed.

How much lengthening of the forehead is possible using this technique, and could it be sort of shared with the skull reshaping to achieve a more satisfying/bigger result?

A: Forehead lengthening = increasing the amount of skin between the brow bones and the frontal hairline…which can only be achieved by moving back the frontal hairline. Thus the forehead skin needs to be stretched with a tissue expander followed by a frontal hairline setback which will leave the eyebrow position unchanged. In some ways it could be called a reverse pretricial browlift but that is not the best term to use since the brows are not involved at all. A better tern is am frontal hairline setback.

Dr. Barry Eppley

World-Renowned Plastic Surgeon