How Is A Custom Brow Bone Implant Made?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am seeking a custom brow bone implant. My problem is that my brow bones are very low, typical Asian. My eyelids are protruding.I believe this makes me look too soft, messy in the eye area, sad etc. not manly. I have thought of this for at least five years. My  brow bone is less protruding or equal to eyelid protrusion.

For men the brow bone should be substantially more protruding than the eyelids, almost close to protrusion of upper lip.

What I wish for is a permanent brow bone implant. I want an attractive manly forehead and supraorbital rim area. I want the brow bone to protrude more than eyelids and close to protrusion of upper lip based on analysis of male faces I want to look like.

A: What you are seeking is a custom brow bone implant. Most likely this would have to be a combined forehead brow bone implant to create the best overall effect. This type of custom made implant is made off of the patient’s 3D CT scan. Its final shape requires some artistic design but how much brow bone augmentation is needed can be determined by looking at the difference in the brow-eyelid position in the profile view. Thus type of facial implant would need to be placed through a scalp incision.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana