How Is A Chin Implant Removed?

Q:  Dr. Eppley, I am currently looking to having my Goretex chin implant removed after five years. I have always been unhappy with it as it is simply too big for my face. Can you please let me know how it is removed, any issues I should know and what How To Get A Ex Back At 14 the process to do it involves.

A:  Thank you for your inquiry. When it comes to removing a chin implant, it is often necessary to tighten the mentalis muscle/chin tissues at the same time to prevent chin ptosis or sagging afterwards. This is particularly relevant if it is a large implant and produced a significant stretch of the chin tissues. Much like a breast implant, what happens to the overlying expanded soft tissues on removal? The approach used for chin implant removal, intraoral vs. submental incision, would depend on how it was originally placed and how much loose chin tissues are expected to result. This could mean an intraoral mentalis muscle resuspension or a submental tuckup from underneath. There are, of course, some cases where simple implant removal is all that is needed…but these are only a minority of cases.

Regardless of what needs to be done, this is an outpatient done under sedation or general anesthesia. There is minimal recovery and discomfort afterwards. There are no restrictions after such surgery.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana

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