How Does Zerona Laser Fat Removal Work?

Q: Can you tell me how the Zerona laser is supposed to remove fat. When I think of a laser it seems to be that it is hot and would burn the skin before it ever got to the fat underneath. I am interested in it to help me reduce my lower tummy, back and thighs. I just can’t bring myself to have liposuction as that seems too invasive and painful. I like the idea of not having surgery and not having to recover and less money is good too! but I want to know it is safe and won’t hurt me in anyway.

A: The type of laser that is used in Zerona treatments is not a ‘hot’ laser. It is a low frequency laser which makes it ‘cold’. It passes through the skin without injuring it. It can not cause a burn injury. It has a photochemical effect on the fat cells which makes them temporarily leaky. By being leaky, they ooze out some of their fatty acid content. This leakiness is only very temporary which is why treatments are needed every few days to keep them open for a period of time. Once the free fatty acids are out of the fat cells, they enter what is known as the interstitial space. In this space they are transported to the liver where they are broken down and eliminated. This is the process of fat reduction and elimination.

It is important to remember that Zerona is not a substitute for liposuction and it is a program, not just a machine. Other components of the program include water intake, niacin supplements and exercise. These help the effects of the laser treatments to be more pronounced.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana