How Does The Scalp Scar For Skull Reshaping Look In Men?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in skull reshaping for a prominent ridge down the center of my head. But I am concerned about the scar that is needed for the surgery. What are your thoughts on the scar and what can be done to make it heal the best?

A: The scalp scar in men for any type of skull or forehead surgery is always an issue to ponder very carefully. Whether it is worth it or not depends on a variety of factors including the magnitude of the deformity and one’s concern/focus on it, hair follicle density and hair style and the location of the scar on one’s scalp. I have done numerous skull reshaping procedures on men who are bald or shave their heads and the scar for them has been worth the trade-off. But I am certain that it was an acceptable aetsthetic trade-off because this very issue was discussed at great length beforehand and they have had plenty of time to make the proper determination for themselves about the scar trade-off. Scalp scars generally heal very well and how well they heal is largely determined by how the incision was made and how carefully it is closed with respect to preserving hair follicles.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana