How Does A Skin Graft To The Upper Eyelid Look?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have read some articles online and some doctors said skin graft on eyelid looks horrible. Is that true? Have you done skin graft for your patients similar to my case? Will my eyes look uneven after the graft? And how to measure how much skin is needed for the graft? Will my eye shape change back to its original shape after the grafting? When the grafting is done, do I have to patch my eyes for few days? Is that mean I can’t open my eyes for few days? Do u think makeup can cover the unmatched color? I await your advice.

A: Skin grafts on the eyelids will create somewhat of a patch look as it is impossible to match the exact color of skin on the eyelids from anywhere else on the body. I would not necessarily call them horrible-looking. Generally one does skin grafting to the eyelids for a very compelling reason and not for a minor aesthetic concern. Skin grafts are covered by a small sewn-on bolster after surgery for five days which does not prevent the eyes from opening or closing nor does it occlude them. The graft does take time to blend better into the surrounding skin and makeup can be worn in the interim.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana