How Do You Estimate The Volume Needed For An Injectable Sternoplasty Procedure?

Q: Dr. Eppley, For an injectable sternoplasty approach for a minor pectus proble on one side, is it possible to apply the hydroxyapatite granules in layers in order to avoid over correction? Can a mold of my good side be done, using it to fix the deformed side. I am asking all these questions because I wouldn’t want to proceed with the operation knowing it will not result in a positive outcome.

A: Obviously no patient or doctor wants to do a procedure that does not have a good chance of a positive outcome. But the reality is that there is no precise method to figure out how much hydroxyapatite to apply in an inejctable sternoplasty approach. A mold of the size of the defect would be done before surgery to estimate the volume of the material needed. And, at surgery, it is always better to place less material rather than too much as more can always be added later and too much would be problematic to remove. I have found that using these guidelines is very helpful in getting the best outcomes, but the limited approach of a small site injection delivery method always introduces variables that do not exist when operations are done in a more open incisional approach. (which is not an advised option due to the scar in your case)

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana