How Do You Build Up The Temple Areas In Forehead Augmentation?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in forehead augmentation to improve my sloping forehead above my eyebrows. I can see how that would improve the shape of my forehead in the profile view but I am curious what will happen in the frontal view. I have attached a front picture of me and marked with arrows the area of my forehead that I see as too narrow.

A: You bring up a very critical point in your forehead concerns. The area to which you have shown the areas is not the bony forehead. That is the soft tissue temple area. That would be unaffected by a bony forehead augmentation and may well look somewhat more narrow as the bony forehead comes forward. (probably won’t change it very much if at all) To improve temporal fullness or width, that requires a temporal shell implant placed on top of the muscle to build up that area. (make it wider) It is common to not be aware that the width of the bony forehead stops at the anterior temporal line that runs above the corner of the eye back into the scalp. This is where building up the bony forehead stops. Beyond that line to the sides the contour is controlled by the temporalis muscle and deep fat pad.

Dr. Barry Eppley