How Do Microcannulas Work For Injectable Fillers?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’m hearing a lot about micro cannulas and wonder if this would eliminate the damage done by needlesticks, such as scarring and divots in the skin from the needle’s being entered over and over in or near the same spot.  Isn’t the cannula bigger and could it actually cause more damage? Can you explain the process? Thank you.

A: The use of microcannula delivery is a major advance in the delivery of injectable fillers. It makes it easier and a much more pleasant for both the patient and the injector alike. Being blunt-tipped rather than having a razor’s edge like a needle, it passes through the tissue with causing pain or bruising. Because the microcannula does not cut, a needlestick is still needed to make a small puncture in the skin

for the microcannula to enter. But this is trivial compared to the multiple needlesticks needed for a traditional injectable filler treatment. It has no chance to cause scarring or divots at the entrance site, no matter how many times the treatments are done in the same area.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana