How Do I Know What Size Breast Implants To Get?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in having breast implants. I am currently a 34B and am interested in a full C or a small D cup. Also, I was previously 190 lbs and am now 135 lbs. I have a flabby area above my belly button which I would love to have tightened. I work out regularly, yet it just doesn’t seem to help. This area would be optional though, as my primary interest would be having breast implants. I saw the general fees for each procedure, and was curious if combining procedures offer any cost reduction. 

A: In answering your breast implants and tummy tightening questions:

Volumetric Sizing System for Breast Implants Dr Barry Eppley Indianapois1) When it comes to size of breast implants, I do not use the concept of cup size. While women understandably have that as a breast reference, implants come in volume (ccs) not cup size. And regardless of cups size or ccs, in the end all you really care about it how the breast looks…the number attached to it in that regard is not important as long as it looks the way you want. In choosing breast implant size in volume for any patient, I use a Volumetric Implant Sizing System. You can try on the various volumes and see how they look and then choose. I find this to be incredibly accurate which less to a very rare problem of patient dissatisfaction withe the outcome of their breast augmentation procedure.

2) Having lost 55 lbs, this raises the question of whether you have any loose breast skin or sagging. This is an important preoperative consideration since breast implants do not create a ‘breast lift’ effect and can make make a saggy breast look worse even though it is bigger. Seeing some pictures of your breast would help answer that question.

3) Your weight loss is also the source of the flabby area around your belly button. Since the belly button  is the only fixed point on the stomach, weight loss causes the skin around it to sag resulting in flabbiness and sometimes an actual upper belly button overhang. The only method to truly tighten loose abdominal skin is some form of a tummy tuck.

4) Your assumption is correct in that there is some cost savings when procedures are combined.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana