How Do I Get Rid Of This Bad Scar On My Nose?

Q: I got the mole on my nasal bridge removed by elliptical excesion. The wound got infected (pus). The stitches were removed after five days of operation. Because the pus was still there the wound opened up. Now 15 days after the removal of stitches, I am left with 1mm deep large hole in place of mole, which is still pink. Please suggest a remedy, My doctor says I should wait for three months, If  the scar remaining is too big then I can go for another sugery. I dont want to wait for so long, as it is effecting my life . Please suggest something.

A: The strategy that your surgeon has suggested in this right one. It is better to let the wound heal and contract down in size. It is possible that it may heal to the point where you will find the scar acceptable. Most likely, however, this will not occur as the nose is one of the most unforgiving places to scar on the entire face. By letting it heal, the scar (like the original mole) can be excised again later. By this approach the size of the defect will be smaller and the tissue quality will be much better for handling and holding sutures. While this is certainly distressing to allow this process to evolve on a prominent area of your face, it is the wisest and will result in the best scar result long-term. 

A more immediate option is to re-excise the wound and close it now. While this can also work, it will result in a longer scar and a near 100% certainty that the scar will be wide and will need a secondary scar revision later. I would not recommend this approach.
Indianapolis, Indiana