How Do I Get Rid Of Chin Stippling After Removal Of An Implant?

Q: So I wrote to you a few weeks ago. I had an implant placed and then removed after 4 weeks. The doctor said he didn’t remove bone structure but he did. My chin bone is round now instead of the two points (square) I had before, which I loved. He said he wasn’t removing bone structure, I can’t believe he did for a silicone implant. I wish he told me he was doing that and the side effects, I wouldn’t have done it. I liked the shape before. The implant was a huge mistake and I have stippling now after 4 weeks of removal. Can you fix that? Is there anything that can be done permanently to repair the orange peel/stippling? I was mostly scared of getting hanging skin, but this is way worse

A: There would be no reason to remove bone structure when putting in an implant. What you are seeing is the remaining capsule/scar tissue that surrounds an implant after its removal. That combined with the extra or stretched soft tissues that has been created will make for a rounder chin appearance. It will not return exactly like it was before. Some of these effects, including stippling, will get better with time (months) as the tissues settle and much of the capsule eventually goes away since it has no reason to be there. But it is unlikey your chin will ever return 100% to the way it was. It will get a lot better with time as scar tissue softens but there is no magic to do now to help the problem..short of putting back some form of a chin implant

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana