The New Role Of Limited Facelifts

Due to the marketing and appeal of a facial rejuvenation procedure called the Lifestyle Lift, many people have at least heard of it. A scaled-down version of a facelift, the Lifestyle Lift is not unique or new but is actually a common procedure performed by many plastic surgeons. Todays trend toward less invasive plastic surgery and beginning facial rejuvenation earlier has led to the marketing of an otherwise routinue facial procedure.

Unknown to most, the Lifestyle Lift is a branded name and is a blended marketing and service approach to delivering minimally invasive facelift surgery. In essence, it is a franchise approach to selling surgery with office locations in 22 states. (the closest office to Indy is in Cincinnati)

While there is nothing wrong with that concept, the Lifestyle Lift company was recently fined $500,000 in New York where its corporate headquarters is located.. The attorney general there has settled complaints against the company as it has admitted that it used its employees to pose as satisfied customers in online ads. Apparently the company ordered employees to write positive reviews of the Lifestyle Lift on message boards and other internet forums to appear as unsolicited testimonials and endorsements, thus violating consumer protection laws. (proving once again that www. really means the wild wild west…believe at your own risk!)

While the company and the way it operates may have some deceptive marketing practices, the actual operation however is still a sound one. The limited facelift or short scar facelift (a.k.a Lifestyle Lift) is very popular and highly successful. It is a scaled down version of a more extended facelift into which many other smaller facial procedures can be added as well.

Younger patients today want to treat jowl and neck sagging early rather than wait until it looks worse. Therefore, their facial concerns are less severe and they do not need a full facelift operation. The limited facelift is often combined with other smaller procedures (e.g., Botox, injectable fillers, laser resurfacing, neck liposuction, eyelid tucks) to create an even better overall result without extending one’s recovery.  Older patients (who really do need a bigger operation but do not want it) can still get a simpler and less invasive operation that will provide some real improvement. (although less than that from a full facelift) This usually fits their financial situation and allows them to have surgery that they can afford with a recovery that fits into their work or leisure schedule.

Dr. Barry Eppley