How Do I Get Measurements for My Custom Hip Implants?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Thanks for explaining custom hip implants to me. I think I will go ahead with it 😊. Can the scars be hidden by underwear or bikini bottoms? Does it look natural when seated or in different positions, and is it hard or soft? How long is the recovery period. Will I fly over for a consult to measure and get them made weeks before my surgery?

A: In answer to your custom hip implant questions:

1) I would have to see pictures of your hips (front, back and sides) to both determine your candidacy for the procedure as well as to mark the location of the incisions.

2) In my experience whether any edging is seen depends on your natural tissue thickness. In very thin females this can be a potential issue.

3) The custom hip implants are made of a very soft (low durometer) solid silicone material.

4) The recovery period depends on how you choose to define recovery but I would most patient return to fill activities within a month after the surgery.

5) Measurements for the implants are done using patient’s marking on their hips where they want the surface area coverage (foot print of the implant), the location of maximum projection and an estimate of how much this maximum projected area should be.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana