How Do I Fix The Center Of My Forehead Which Caves Inward?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Has you can see from the photos, the center of my forehead caves in. I seem to be a little confused over the type of surgical procedure I require in order to fix it.

A: You are referring to the suprabrow bone break hollow that exists just above your brow bones. While every male has that to some degree yours is magnified by the upper forehead protrusions often called forehead horns. Your options to get rid of it is to either fill the hollow or reduce the upper forehead protrusions…that is merely a matter of personal aesthetic choice.

Assuming you want to fill in the suprabrow bone indentation/hollow, the forehead augmentationoptions ae either the use of bone cements or a custom suprabrow bone implant. Besides cost the one difference that separates these two options as the length of the scalp incision needed to place them. The custom implant can be put in through a very small 4cm incision while bone cements would require an incisional length closer to 15 cms.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana