How Can The Risks Of Displacement/Extrusion Be Avoided In Jaw Angle Implant Surgery?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am considering implants for both the chin and the angle. However my biggest fear is their displacement and extrusion. I read on your site that they tend to come up at the site of the intraoral excision. That being said, I was wondering if the chances of both extrusion and displacement are less if they are placed from near the ear or neck. If they are displaced, it’d mean another surgery to get them fixed or removed, and that’s something anyone would like to avoid. Also you stated silicone has less tendency to integrate with soft tissue and thus making it more likely for them to be displaced. I wouldn’t mind surgery scars near ear or neck as much as a secondary surgery to get them fixed again. If there is any way to make the displacement less likely, please let me know.

A: The most common complications with jaw angle implants are infection and implant asymmetry….not displacement or extrusion. Because jaw angle implants are screwed into position this negates any risks of displacement or extrusion. (just because I screw them in doesn’t mean all surgeons do) So if the goal is to avoid displacement/extrusion then the intraoral approach is irrelevant in that regard.

If the goal is to lower the potential risks of infection and implant placement asymmetry then an external transcutaneous approach does help mitigate those risks compared to an intraoral placement approach.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana