How Can The Dents In My Forehead Be Fixed After Forehead Reduction?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had very prominent brow bossing which I had burring done on by a physician who doesn’t perform these procedures frequently. After the burring, my brow ridge looked better, but I am left with strange indents on my forehead. My surgeon attributes this to scar tissue forming from where he burred the bone down, so he injected steroid into two spots on my forehead, which have resulted in additional dents. He has said he will fix the steroid dents free of charge but I really just want someone’s opinion who performs forehead procedures. I’m so bummed my forehead looks worse than before 🙁 is there any way, preferably the most conservative available option, to correct this? Thx so much for your time.

A: It has been my experience on any type of forehead or skull reshaping by burring that the final shape seen on the outside is a direct reflection of how the bone looks underneath.(particularly when adequate healing has occurred after three months) Scat tissue forming irregularities is not something I have seen. Even though the forehead and scalp tissues are quite thick, it will not hide even the slightest irregularity on the underlying bone when it is fully healed. Injecting steroids is not going to solve these irregularities (because they are bone based) and has a high risk of making them worse by shrinking the fat under the skin.

The only minimally invasive way to try and fix these forehead contour issues now is injectable fat grafting. But the unpredictability of fat take after injection has its own issues when trying to correct relatively small forehead contour issues.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana