How Can The Asymmetry Of My Face From Positional Plagiocephaly Be Improved?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have some skull and face asymmetry from positional plagiocephaly. The main issue is that the right side of my forehead bulges, is it possible to reduce this bulging so my forehead doesnt have such a broad appearance when viewed from one side? Also the left side of my face is less prominent, maybe you could say “weaker” than the right. Would some sort of implant help with the asymmetry and make the left side as prominent as the right?

A: Plagiocephaly produces the exact face and skull asymmetry that you have described. Your right-sided forehead protrusion and smaller left face are common. Although I have not seen any pictures of you, your theory for improvement in facial symmetry would be the correct approach. Reduction of the right forehead bulging and augmentation of the left face, most likely that of the left cheek and jaw angle, could offer visible improvement. I would need to see some pictures of you, particularly a straight-on frontal view, to confirm if this approach would be helpful.

The left facial implants can be placed from inside the mouth so there are no scar trade-offs for those improvements. That can not be said for the forehead reduction in which the scalp scar trade-0ff must be considered very carefully, particularly in the a male patient.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana