How Can Soft Tissue Sagging Be Prevented From Cheekbone Reduction Surgery?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Your blogs were really helpful and made understand more about surgery. I am interested in cheekbone reduction. But i do not want flat face , i still do like cheekbone curve. But my cheekbone is way too big so i just want to reduce it little bit and make it look aesthetically pleasing. First is my face, second and third are my goal. One thing i am afraid is skin sagging. Since i am 20 many surgeons said i will not sag but reading your blogs i nderstood anyone is in risk. I read usually ligaments do not re attach to the bone and it droops down. I heard ligaments, soft tissue heal in 12 weaks if we take good post care then ligaments can attach back. Is it true?If i do not talk, make facial expressions in 12 weeks would my soft tissue attach back? If not how can i prevent from sag? Would ligaments attach back? Sorry for long questions. Thank you.

A: Thank you for your inquiry. What you are describing is a modest cheek bone reduction of perhaps 3 to 4mms per side. As you have stated in your inquiry the risk of cheekbone reduction osteotomies for soft tissue cheek sagging can never be completely zero…no matter what technique is used. I think what you are saying is correct in that if you get out 3 to 4 months after the surgery and no soft tissue sagging has occurred then it probably will not occur later. Facial expressions after surgery will not effect whether soft tissue sagging occurs.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana