How Can My Upper Lip Be Lengthening To Show Less Teeth?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I was wondering whether you performed any surgical procedures for the lengthening of a short upper lip without the use of injectables or fillers etc. I have been trying to find such a procedure for quite some time and have so far been unsuccessful.

I was wondering whether there was any way to lengthen the upper lip by approx. 6-7 mm, since when at rest most of my teeth are visible. Could you please let me know if you perform such a procedure and if such a result is achievable or if you are aware of any other surgeons who may be able to help me. Many thanks.

A: I suspect you are talking about correction of a gummy smile. There are no procedures that can add skin to the upper lip or lengthen it from the outside. Thus there is a reason you have not been successful in your search. There are procedures done on the inside of the upper lip where the vestibule is lowered (lengthening vestibuloplasty), thus pulling done (lengthening) the lip so some degree. It may also be that you have vertical maxillary excess (too much vertical upper jaw bone) that may also be the culprit in your case.

I would need to see some pictures of your face/lips, at rest and when smiling, to have a better idea as to whether this approach may be helpful for you.

Dr. Barry Eppley