How Can My Outie Belly Button Be Fixed?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I just need info on getting my belly button repaired. I don’t need a tummy tuck, literally just need my belly button put back after it “popped” during my pregnancy.

A: What has undoubtably happened is that you have developed an umbilical hernia as a result of your pregnancy. This has changed your belly button from an inne to an outie. The attachment of the belly button to the abdominal wall is an inherently weak point along the midline attachment of the vertically-oriented rectus muscles and their enveloping fascia. The enlarging fetus during pregnancy puts a lot of pressure directly behind the umbilicus. For some women this results in the area around the base of the umbilicus to separate. This results in the base of the belly button coming away from the abdominal wall and some intraperitoneal fat protruding outward. This push of tissue from underneath creates the change from an innie to an outie. You can probably push your outer in and feel a small hole underneath it. This can be repaired through an umbilicoplasty procedure, closing off the hole and re-attaching the umbilical stalk back down to the abdominal wall.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana