How Can My Large Left Brow Bone Be Reduced?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Since I was about 15 I have had this bony growth around upper orbit and brow bone on the left side. It is quite noticeable, and I think it has pushed my left eyebrow down and caused one eye to appear “swollen” – there is a lot of extra skin above upper eyelid compared to right side. Was scanned and was found to be benign, cause unknown and no specific incident of trauma comes to mind as to what could cause it. Curious about the procedure in shaving down/reconstruction if necessary, if its the result of some sinus asymmetry or if the bone lies on top of the thin brow bone. Also curious about costs, recovery time, side effects and tradeoffs of surgery.

A: What you have, as is evident in your plain skull films, is an over pneumatized (overgrown) left frontal sinus. It is benign and why it has so occurred will never be known. What what is known is that in trying to treat it shaving or burring it down is absolutely what should not be done. The overlying bone is too thin to do so. This requires a bone flap setback technique. This is where the overlying bone is removed, reshaped and put back which makes it less protrusive and more normal in appearance.

The major consideration in this form of brow bone reduction for men is the incision to do the procedure and the resultant scar. This has to be done through a scalp incision located either at the frontal hairline or behind it.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana